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Power Strip Fires

Injury Attorney Assisting Texas Victims of Electrical Accidents

Each year, numerous fires are started by faulty power strips. Electrical fires often result in severe burns and other devastating injuries. People harmed by power strip fires may be able to recover damages in a product liability lawsuit, however, and they should speak to an attorney regarding their potential claims. Alex R. Hernandez, Jr. is a Texas power strip fire lawyer with ample experience aiding victims in the pursuit of damages, and he will diligently pursue the best result available under the facts of your case. Mr. Hernandez represents people in product liability lawsuits throughout Texas.

Dangers Associated With Using Power Strips

Power strips are meant to aid people using multiple electronic devices with their electrical demands. What many people do not know, however, is that power strips present a fire hazard and cause many electrical fires. In some cases, the companies that manufacture the power strips take shortcuts in designing and developing the strips, resulting in a dangerous product. For example, the safety of the strip’s design may not be thoroughly tested, or the strip may lack internal mechanisms that shut the strip down if it becomes overheated. In other instances, a power strip may lack appropriate written materials or warnings regarding the manner in which the strip is to be used, the limitations of the strip, and risks associated with product misuse. This can lead to the strip being overloaded with electrical devices that require a high amount of electricity, resulting in overheating and fires.

Pursuing Damages Following a Power Strip Fire

Generally, a power strip fire attorney in Texas can help a plaintiff bring product liability claims against the manufacturer and seller of the product. Product liability cases typically allege that the defendant should be held strictly liable for the harm caused by the product’s defect, but in some cases, the plaintiff’s attorney will assert claims of negligence, breach of warranty, and misrepresentation as well. Regardless of the precise claims asserted, a plaintiff in a product liability lawsuit must establish that the product was defective at the time when it left the defendant’s control, the defect rendered the product unreasonably dangerous, and the plaintiff was harmed by the defect.

The type of defect alleged will vary depending on the facts of the case. For example, in some cases, the plaintiff will allege that he or she was harmed by a marketing defect, such as a failure to provide adequate warnings regarding the risks associated with the use of the product or instructions regarding proper use. In other cases, the defect will arise out of an error in the manner in which the product was manufactured. Lastly, a product may be harmful due to a design defect. A Texas power strip fire attorney who is alleging that a product was defectively designed must show that an economically feasible alternative design existed, which would have made the product safer without substantially reducing its effectiveness.

Damages Recoverable in a Product Liability Case

A plaintiff who successfully proves that a defendant should be held accountable in a product liability lawsuit may be able to recover compensation for the economic and noneconomic harm caused by the product. Economic harm generally consists of medical treatment for injuries sustained due to the product, in addition to lost wages if the injuries rendered the plaintiff unable to work. Economic harm includes damage to property as well. Noneconomic harm typically refers to the pain, suffering, and mental distress caused by the injury. If you were harmed by a defective power strip and wish to pursue product liability claims, it is important to act promptly. Texas law dictates that all claims must be filed within two years of when the injury or damage occurred, and within 15 years of when the power strip was purchased.

Contact an Experienced Power Strip Fire Lawyer in Texas

Many products that are meant to make people’s lives easier, such as power strips, have defects that unexpectedly cause serious harm. Alex R. Hernandez, Jr. is an experienced product liability attorney with the skills and resources needed to help you seek the full amount of damages that you may be owed for your losses. Mr. Hernandez has offices located in Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Edinburg, Dallas, Laredo, Houston, and El Paso, and he regularly represents people in product liability cases throughout Texas. Mr. Hernandez can be reached through the online form or at 1-888-977-4725 to set up a confidential and free consultation.

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