Research Indicates That Hair Dye and Chemical Hair Straightener Is Linked To a Higher Risk of Breast Cancer

CNN  reported in continuing coverage that new research from NIH indicates that “permanent hair dye and chemical hair straightener use was linked to a higher risk of breast cancer” and that “the risk is more than six times higher for black women.” The study “followed 46,709 women, all part of the Sister Study, a National Institute of Environmental Health cohort of women whose sisters had been diagnosed with breast cancer.” and “found that, overall, women who said they used permanent hair dye in the year before enrolling in the study were 9% more likely to develop breast cancer when compared with women who did not.” The findings were published last Wednesday in the International Journal of Cancer.

“The study doesn’t pinpoint which of the chemicals caused the damage, but makes some suggestions: Some aromatic amines, chemicals also found in tobacco smoke and industrial byproducts, disrupt the endocrine system, and some dyes have been found to induce tumors in rats’ mammary glands.” The results were higher in Black Women percentage wise than White Women.

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