JUUL – E-Cigarette Consumer Brand Targeted by Municipalities For Fraud

Government entities, municipalities and even schools are suing JUUL for targeting minor children in their marketing practices.

JUUL Lawsuits

At the time of writing this, Minnesota is the state that has filed the latest lawsuit against the company for ‘targeting youth’ in e-cig marketing according to the Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison.  The anti vaping lawsuit the Minnesota attorney general filed, alleges that the company illegally marketed flavored e-cigarettes to children and violated several CONSUMER laws, including fraud.

This is one of many lawsuits filed by municipalities for the same type of lawsuit.  New York filed their lawsuit in November 2019 with the same claims, the District of Columbia, and California also filed similar lawsuits with the same allegations.

Juul is being widely blamed for fueling a teen vaping epidemic. The allegations by California attorney are that the age- verification for JUUL products did not adequately vet customers allowing phony delivers to minor children, including one named Beer Can.

We will keep the public informed of the JUUL lawsuits as more information is made available and the lawsuits progress.


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